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Christmas Candle Bundle

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Introducing Our Christmas Scented Candle Bundle: Elevate Your Ambiance

Why choose your favorite candle when you can indulge in all three? Our Scented Candle Bundle is an irresistible treat for your senses and your home decor. Plus, the 20% discount makes it even more amazing.

What's Included:

Gingerbread Candle, Frosted Cranberry Candle and Christmas Tree Candle, now with an incredible 20% discount.

Can't choose your favorite candle? Why not spoil yourself and get all three? Our Scented Candle Bundle is the ultimate treat for candle enthusiasts, offering an amazing 20% discount on top of unmatched quality, style, and savings.

Product Details:

Natural Soy Wax

40hours Burn Time

Candle Size: 300g

Candle and Box