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No wedding is complete without candles!

Written by Kara Ericson


Posted on May 10 2022

The most joyful celebration in a couple’s life must be their wedding day, and with restrictions no longer impacting gatherings, couples are free to plan and host the wedding of their dreams!

When it comes to modern weddings, it is all about the experience of the event. Weddings today will have their own aesthetic that symbolises them as a couple and shows their personalities. From what food is served, the choice of venue, drinks, entertainment, theme, colour choices and decorations, all the details that make up the wedding are noticed and appreciated by guests.

Today’s wedding attendees love getting dressed up, enjoying the party atmosphere, dancing, and making the most of the venue. They pay attention to the décor and decorations, and they are different than older generations who saw weddings as an excuse to get drunk and messy. Guests today appreciate the details such as the wording on the greeting cards, and the gifts they are given from the bride and groom.

The little details

There’s no denying that planning a wedding can be stressful, particularly when it is so important to get all the little details just perfect. You want your wedding to look and feel wonderful, and for your guests to appreciate the care that has been put in to creating the perfect setting. 

Here’s a few tips on small details that can make a big difference at your wedding:

  • Dress up a bare wall with a unique wooden sign that has your new initials, a cute saying or quote, or just one word.
  • Create your own version of the red carpet to walk down the aisle.
  • Spend time designing your table décor accents and centrepieces and choose something that is modern and suits your theme.
  • Add candles on tables for ambience.
  • Have a photobooth for guests to enjoy!

Say thanks to your guests!

What better way to thank your family and friends for sharing your special day than sending them home with a personalised scented candle! 

RISE The Candle Studio specialise in personalised candles and can design and create something special to suit your occasion. Our small tin candles are made from soy wax and come in a variety of scents. Once we add your names and the date of your wedding onto the lids, you’ll have a beautiful and personal gift to give each of your guests. 

Look at our selection here: and contact our friendly team if you’ve like help in choosing your special occasion candles!