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Christmas in July: Who Celebrates and Why?

Written by Kara Ericson


Posted on July 09 2024

Christmas in July might sound like a curious concept, but it's a festive tradition celebrated by many around the world. Originating in the Southern Hemisphere, where July falls in the winter season, it provides an opportunity for those in countries like Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa to experience a "winter" Christmas, complete with cozy decorations and hearty meals. Even in the Northern Hemisphere, where July is a summer month, the idea has caught on as a fun way to bring a little holiday cheer into the middle of the year.

So, why do people celebrate Christmas in July? Here are a few reasons:

1. A Winter Wonderland: In the Southern Hemisphere, July is the perfect time to enjoy a winter-themed Christmas, with all the trimmings of a traditional holiday season.
2. Beating the Summer Heat: In the Northern Hemisphere, celebrating Christmas in July can be a refreshing and whimsical escape from the sweltering summer heat.
3. Retail Sales and Promotions: Many businesses offer Christmas in July sales, making it a great time for savvy shoppers to grab holiday deals.
4. Halfway to the Holidays: It marks the halfway point to December, creating an opportunity to gather with loved ones and enjoy festive traditions.
5. Just for Fun: For some, it's simply a fun and joyful way to break up the year and spread some extra cheer.

Now that you know why Christmas in July is celebrated, let's dive into our top 5 tips for decorating your Christmas in July table, including our gold personalized candles with a Christmas-themed design!

Top 5 Tips for Decorating Your Christmas in July Table

1. Embrace the Theme: Choose a colour palette that blends traditional Christmas colors with a touch of summer. Think red, green, and gold with pops of vibrant summer hues like teal or coral.

2. Fresh Florals and Greenery: Incorporate fresh flowers and greenery to bring a summery vibe to your table. Poinsettias, holly, and ivy can mix beautifully with summer blooms like daisies and sunflowers.

3. Festive Centerpiece: Create a stunning centerpiece using a combination of Christmas ornaments, summer fruits, and fairy lights. This blend will give a unique twist to the traditional holiday table.

4. Personalised Touches: Our gold personalised candles with a Christmas-themed design are the perfect addition to your Christmas in July table. Each candle can be customised with names, dates, or special messages, adding a warm and personal touch to your celebration. The golden glow of these candles will enhance the festive atmosphere and make your guests feel truly special.

5. Summer-Inspired Tableware: Use a mix of traditional and summer-inspired tableware. Pair your Christmas-themed plates with vibrant, summery napkins and glassware. Don't forget to add a touch of sparkle with gold or silver cutlery to tie everything together.

Celebrating Christmas in July is a fantastic way to enjoy the magic of the holidays twice a year. By incorporating these tips into your table decor, you'll create a memorable and festive atmosphere that your guests will love.

Happy Christmas in July!